Northern Lights Gas Co-op Ltd.  reads the gas meters through aerial data collection each month and bills its customers on the 15th of each month for the gas consumed the previous month, and the due date is the 5th of each month.

Methods of Payment

  • telephone banking
  • online banking
  • in person at your bank
  • Credit Card, debit, cash, or cheque at our office
  • Direct Withdrawal from your bank account or Credit Card

  Equalized Billing

Customers can request to be set up for equalized billing and have their bills averaged out, based on the previous   years consumption (plus service charges and then divided by twelve). If you choose this option your account needs to be current and you need to contact us by June and payments on account must be made each month by the due date to maintain equalized billing status.

Understanding Your Bill

Monthly Fixed Charge:

  • Gas with a meter: $20.00/month
  • Riser only: $ 20.00/month
  • Alternative Supply Line Reserve: $20.00/month


  • Gas Cost:  This is charged on a per giga-joule basis
  • Cost of Delivery:  This is charged on a per giga-joule basis
  • Alternative Supply Line Reserve: This is charged on a per giga-joule basis
  • Federal Fuel Charge: Levied by the Canadian Government on a per giga-joule basis

Possible Additional Fees

  • NSF Charge: $25.00
  • Reconnect: $ 50.00
  • Billing Arrears (penalty): 2%


If you are moving into a rental property and the landlord prefers you to have your own account to pay your gas, we can set you up.

Give us a call in advance and let us know your anticipated move-in date. You will also need to pay a $300 deposit with the agreement and when you move out you will be refunded the deposit (less any outstanding amount from your final bill).

Once set up, you will receive your bill each month


Northern Lights Gas Co-op Ltd. realizes that many of our members prefer to received their bills by email, therefore, we have implemented e-billing.

If you have signed up but are not receiving your e-bills, please check your junk and spam folders to ensure our emails have not gone there. As well, if you change your email address, please be sure to update it with us or you will not receive your bills.